Pump Protection Device Automatic Recycle Control Valve (AUTOMATIC RECIRCULATION) Self
Pump Protection Device Automatic Recycle Control Valve (AUTOMATIC RECIRCULATION) Self

Pump Protection Device Automatic Recycle Control Valve (AUTOMATIC RECIRCULATION) Self

Introduction Veson valve ltd. ART series automatic recirculation valve is a kind of pump protection device. It automatic

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Basic Info.
Model NO. ART
Standard DIN
Application Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage
Function 3 Flow Sensor, Which Will Activate a Recirculatin
Function 2 Spring Loaded Check Valve, to Prevent Pump Damage
Transport Package The Best Price of The Same Price
Specification 1 inch-12 inch
Trademark VESON or Cusomer"s
Origin Shanghai China
Product Description


Veson valve ltd. ART series automatic recirculation valve is a kind of pump protection device. It automatic protect centrifugal pump when pump body occur cavitation damage or unstable (especially conveying hot water at low load operation medium). Once pump flow is lower than the preseted flow, bypass can completely open to ensure the minimum required flow pump. Even running fully closed, namely running flow is zero, the minimum flow can also pass bypass for Automatic Recycle. Pressure reduced through the multistage bypass pressure reducing valve.
ART series has big bypass, and this valve is suitable for bypass with big flow, maximum pressure differential is 4MPa, specific choice is determined by factory.


  • Simple structure, operation reliable and stabile, with few movement parts.
  • Be easy for installation, can be installed vertically or horizontally on pump pressure outlet.
  • Bypass flow is large, maximum flow is 60% of main flow, KV value can be adjusted.
  • Maximum bypass operating pressure differential is 4MPa. Bypass non-return function is optional.
  • Applicable medium including: water, oil, methanol and other liquid medium.
    Working temperature is from -196ºC to +300 ºC.

Diameter and pressure range

  • Valve body type: three-way casting valve
  • Nominal diameter: DN25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400
  • Nominal pressure: PN 16, 25, 40, 64, Class 150, 300 L, etc.
  • Connection type: flange FF, RF, RTJ, BW, SW etc .

Material temperature range

Body material
Sealing material
SS winding gasket-20~+300-40~+300-196~+300-196~+300

Model NO.

ARTNominal pressureBody materialMain
/Bypass diameterStructure type
Auto recirculation pump protection valveT type bypass assemblyPN16=PN16
V=vertically mounted
H=Horizontally mounted
Z=Bypass non-return
D=With discharge mouth
Such as: T type automatic recirculation valve, pressure is PN40, body material is WCB, main diameter DN50, Bypass diameter DN 25, vertically mounted, Model: ART-PN40-C-50/25-V

Working principle

According to the difference of inductive main flow, main valve disc check cone of automatic recirculation valve will automatically move to a certain position. At the same time the main valve disc drive bypass valve stem, transfer the movement of main valve disc to bypass, through control bypass valve disc position, change bypass throttling area, so as to control bypass flow. When main valve disc back into valve seat closed, all flow backflow through bypass. When mian valve disc to rise to top position, bypass is fully closed, all the flow of pump flow to process system. This valve set four functions in one body.

  • Flow perception: automatic recirculation valve main valve disc can automatically perceive main flow of process system, thereby according to the flow to determine position of mian valve disc and bypass disc.
  • Recirculation control: automatic recirculation valve can inhaled pump normal operation required minimum flow into storage device through bypass, so as to adjust pump H - Q characteristics, to realize recycling.
  • Bypass multistage pressure reducing: bypass control system can reduced the backflow medium from high-pressure pump outlet to appropriate backflow to low-pressure storage device with low noise and small wear.
  • Check: automatic recirculation valve also has check valve effect, preventing the liquid backflow to pump body. Bypass non-return function is optional.
  • Special bypass size can be customized. The max flow rate of bypass is subject to the max Kv value.
  • The ARC valve is installed in the pump discharge line in the position of the main check valve it replaces. It is adaptable to horizontal or vertical piping and to either horizontal or vertical upward flow. Flanged or welded ends are optional to suit specifications. Decreasing flow through the valve causes the spring loaded disc to move toward its seat. At a flow rate determined by the minimum flow requirement through the pump, the disc triggers the pilot valve through the lever. This vents the pressure on the head of the piston. Pressure acting on the opposite side of the piston opens the bypass valve, permitting flow through the multistage cascade element. The flow rate through the bypass valve is equal to the minimum flow requirement of the pump. The directional changes of the successive helical flutes, as well as the multiple orifices, provide for the absorption of pressure energy. The bypass valve will remain in an open position as long as the pilot valve is open. This corresponds with the position the disc assumes at flow rates between an established low flow and no flow through the main check valve. As the flow rate exceeds the minimum flow rate, the rising disc allows the pilot valve to close; pressure entering the chamber over the piston through the annular clearance around the pilot.


Valve sizemm253240506580100125150200250300
Max main flowm3/h1228305010011420040045575012501650
Bypass sizemm152020254040508080100100150
Max bypass KvCv2.

Note: Valve mian ouelet size depends on the outlet size of pump.

Parts and material

Dimension and weight

Valve specification
Size mm(in) BypassWeight Kg
25( 1″)115102267151218
32( 11/4″)115102267201420
40( 11/2″)115102267201420
50( 2″)130108305252226
65( 21/2″)165127381404651
80( 3″)181127381404651
100( 4″)20915949550105118
125( 5″)26722057580143156
150( 6″)26722057580220240
200( 8″)300220600100255302
250( 10″)356305780100400455
300( 12″)530280830150590650

Since product innovation and technical innovation or some special requirements, various valve connecting size may change, please contact Datian Valve technical department to get the latest product information.

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